Boom! 190 visa granted

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And that folks is a wrap. It took me a couple days to get Form 80 completed as we needed to try remember all the schools we attended, find their addresses, and then double and triple check the forms and cross reference them with everything else we had submitted to DIBP to make sure that all dates aligned. Apart from … Read More

It’s been awhile…

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So, its been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but that’s not to say I’ve been sitting idly by. Last time I posted, it was about getting notification of State sponsorship in August. Since then I have managed to file my visa application, complete the family medicals, and get my wife and my police background checks completed and uploaded. … Read More

Guide to completing Form 80 – part 1

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Form 80 is a migration form that there is a good chance you will have to complete. Whilst not listed as a requirement to complete upfront in lodging your application, it may be prudent to complete it and submit when you lodge your application as it provides your case officer with a lot of personal and character information up front. … Read More

Sponsored for skilled migration!!

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It seemed to take forever but I finally received the email I had been hoping to receive from the Victorian Government – my application to be sponsored for skilled migration under the skilled nominated scheme was successful. It came as an enormous relief as it was literally one shot for me as no other state was sponsoring my occupation. The … Read More

Sponsorship requested acknowledged

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So that’s another tick on the to-do list. Application for State sponsorship has been lodged with the Victorian government and it’s been acknowledged that they have it and they are now “reviewing my application”. I have a separate webpage dedicated to the actual application process so I won’t go into too much detail on the mechanics of it here, but … Read More

Skills assessment successfully navigated!

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So after 13 weeks I finally got the news I was waiting for from Vetassess; my skills assessment was positive!  First hurdle successfully negotiated, now on to the next step – seeking State Sponsorship.  I really only have one option for a sponsoring State – Victoria.  But that’s OK, it would have been my first choice anyway as Melbourne is … Read More