Why I’m writing this blog?

My name is Andrew, and if you’re reading this site, then you are probably interested in emigrating to Australia under the skilled migrant programme but need State sponsorship. This is the exact same position I was in in December 2015. Originally from South Africa, I moved to the UK with my girlfriend back in 2006. We had planned on only coming over for two years, but life happened and nine years, one wedding and two children later, we are still living in England. We decided it was time to stop procrastinating if we were going to give our children the outdoor lifestyle we had growing up in South Africa.

I started researching what was needed to move to Australia on the permanent residence visa and found out two things: 1) it is a very expensive process and 2) there is an absence of DIY help on the process. If you can afford it, you can appoint a migration agent to help you, but at a cost of £2000, I decided to push on solo and found that if you are methodical, careful and do lots of background reading, you can do it alone. I successfully did so and so have many, many others. I decided to set up this website to share my experience with others in a similar boat and to (hopefully) help you attain your own Australian skilled migrant visa. I realise that each case is different and there are a number of different job roles on the lists, and different states have different requirements so I’ll only be able to share my experience and you’ll have to extrapolate that to your own specifics. Just so there is no confusion, I am not a migration agent, just a regular guy who had a dream to move to Australia. So that said, what are my specifics?

I completed most of my tertiary education in South Africa, studying science at the University and finishing off with a research based Masters of Science. After finishing that I was looking to do a PhD, and as I had dual citizenship with the UK, decided to broaden my horizons and see if I could do one in the UK. Things didn’t quite work out as planned, and whilst I was waiting for an interview to do a PhD in Clinical Biochemistry through the NHS, I was offered a job at a start-up pharmaceutical company as Research and Development Manager. I accepted the offer and have been with the company ever since. Over the years I rose through the ranks, first to R&D Programme Manager where I had oversight of all the research projects being conducted within the company and then two years ago, after completing an MBA in Finance, to Chief Operating Officer. This might not sound like a research position, but as the core business of the company is research and development, the role revolves around R&D Operations, but from a much more strategic angle. As it is directly relevant to emigration, at the time of starting my application to move to Australia I was 36 years old, and am a first language English speaker. I made the application with three dependents (wife and two children).

Well, that’s me. Feel free to contact me through the contact form. As I work full time and have a family, it may take some time to respond, but I’ll try my best to answer any questions as quickly as I can.

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