Boom! 190 visa granted

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And that folks is a wrap. It took me a couple days to get Form 80 completed as we needed to try remember all the schools we attended, find their addresses, and then double and triple check the forms and cross reference them with everything else we had submitted to DIBP to make sure that all dates aligned. Apart from frustrations with a dodgy scanner that kept crashing everytime I tried to save the scan, I managed to get both Form 80s uploaded to my IMMI account by 20:00 on the 27th October 2016. I messaged my brother, who already has a permanent residence visa for Australia that everything was uploaded and I was holding thumbs for a grant before Christmas.

The next morning, 28th October, I woke up and checked my emails and one of the first mails was that my SkillSelect account had been closed. That made me a bit nervous – why was my account being closed? I scrolled down and saw four emails from DIBP. Apprehensively I opened the first one and saw the magic words “Notification of grant of a Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa“. Music to my ears! 11 months of hard work had paid off and the dream was now becoming a reality.

So what does the visa look like? Not much – its electronic! The visa is linked to the passport in the application (so make sure your passport is current). The visa is indefinite from the date of arrival, and we have 12 months from the date of our medicals to arrive to activate the visa. Its a multiple entry visa, so no travel restrictions, and there are nil, zero, zilch conditions on the visa. Permanent residency comes with numerous perks including:

  • The right to live indefinitely in Australia,
  • Freedom to work,
  • Freedom to travel,
  • Unfettered access to higher education and higher education funding,
  • The ability to become an Australian citizen,
  • The ability to sponsor relatives,
  • Entitlement to healthcare and social welfare.

I had been complaining about the cost of the whole visa programme, but in hindsight, looking at all these perks, it doesn’t seem too severe.

I’ll keep updating this website, filling in information about costs of relocating, what to bring, what not to bring so hopefully my readers can gain some benefit from my experiences.