First contact by Case Officer – Form 80 requested

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So I woke up this morning to find an email from DIBP waiting for me. Seems that there has been a case officer working away on my application in the background and they need more information. My case officer is based in Brisbane and the only thing they want is Form 80 for both my wife and me. If you remember, I started working on Form 80 a while ago, but didn’t submit it upfront. I didn’t do this as from my work experience, you never really want to give officials anymore information than necessary as that can lead to unwanted questions. So I held back Form 80 in case it wasn’t requested.

Form 80 is a real beast of a form. 18 pages long, and wanting detailed information about where you’ve been living, where you studied, where you’ve traveled, and how you’ve filled your time. The standard request is for residential addresses for past 10 years, all periods of employment and unemployment for the last 10 years, every country you’ve visited in the last 10 years, and all tertiary education. My request for information asked for all of that, except they wanted all education, going right back to primary school.

I’m aiming to fill this is quickly and return the form – the last thing I want is for my application to slip down to the bottom of the pile! I’ll keep you posted