It’s been awhile…

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So, its been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but that’s not to say I’ve been sitting idly by. Last time I posted, it was about getting notification of State sponsorship in August. Since then I have managed to file my visa application, complete the family medicals, and get my wife and my police background checks completed and uploaded. And now we’re back in the standard holding pattern, waiting to hear something, wondering if anyone has picked up and looked at our application yet.

Its a very frustrating thing as there is zero feedback. My application was filed at the beginning of September. We only managed to upload our medicals and PCC certificates in early October. I had thought that during those four weeks a case officer would have been assigned and requested some information. There may have been one assigned, but there has been complete radio silence so I have no idea. DIBP also state that they won’t respond to status update requests until 3 months has past. So since I’ve completely front-loaded our application and we’ve had no contact from a case officer, now I’m hoping we hear nothing at all until such time as we get notification of visa grant.

Watch this space!