Skills assessment successfully navigated!

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So after 13 weeks I finally got the news I was waiting for from Vetassess; my skills assessment was positive!  First hurdle successfully negotiated, now on to the next step – seeking State Sponsorship.  I really only have one option for a sponsoring State – Victoria.  But that’s OK, it would have been my first choice anyway as Melbourne is the life science hub in Australia and my brother is moving there in 12 months so we’ll know people.  The weather also appeals to me.  A few years ago, Brisbane/Queensland would have been my first choice as the weather is so similar to Durban, my home town.  But whilst the British weather is terrible, I’ve grown attached to distinct seasons – just not a winter that lasts 6 months and a 2 month summer.  I’m led to believe the Melbourne has seasons, and that it has both beaches and mountains not too far away so in the winter months there is skiing, and in summer there’s the beach.  The other big plus is the wine…I love wine so having vineyards in the State is a big plus for weekend trips.

I didn’t waste time applying for State Sponsorship, I got that off within a couple days of finding out that my Skills Assessment was positive and that I met the requirements for Victoria.  Now I’m playing the waiting game again and hoping that there are visas available and that Victoria reckons that I’ll be able to make a positive contribution.  They advise that it may take 12 weeks to find out if I have been successful – I really hope that’s an over estimate and it comes through quicker than that!  Regardless, I’ll post an update when I find out, and in the mean time I’ll keep generating content for the rest of the website.