Sponsored for skilled migration!!

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It seemed to take forever but I finally received the email I had been hoping to receive from the Victorian Government – my application to be sponsored for skilled migration under the skilled nominated scheme was successful.

We are pleased to advise that your application has been successfulVictorian Government

It came as an enormous relief as it was literally one shot for me as no other state was sponsoring my occupation. The Victorian government advises that the process can take up to 12 weeks and 12 weeks came, and then went without me hearing anything. I didn’t want to push them in fear of annoying the assessor, but I had a fortuitous break in that a couple days before 12 weeks was up, my work experience ticked over from 7 years to 8, earning me an extra 5 points. I used that as an opportunity to contact them and to hopefully draw attention to the fact that my application for sponsorship under the 190 visa category was almost overdue and hopefully trigger a response from them.

But a day passed and nothing in my inbox. The two days, three days, a week went by. When it reached 13 weeks I decided to be more proactive and picked up the phone and made a long distance call to Australia and spoke to a very pleasant lady who worked for Victoria Skilled Nominated Migration. She told a little white lie that 12 weeks was only up the next day, giving me a different acknowledgement date from what my actual email acknowledgement had written on it, but also told me that they’d email me tomorrow with an outcome.

After a restless night sleep, I grabbed my phone as soon as I woke to see an email waiting for me from the Victorian Government.  I opened it and was greeted by a fairly long email, but the words congratulations and successful immediately caught my eye and I could breathe a sigh of relief.  I had secured the essential sponsorship.

So, now things will start to get expensive fast. Just above the email from the Victorian skilled migration office was an email from SkillSelect inviting me to apply for a visa.  I have 60 days in which to do so or they’ll withdraw the invite.  Fortunately I have most of my documentation in order.  Only things left to do is get my boss to sign my reference letter (could be an awkward conversation) and scan in all my family’s documents.  That and the small matter of parting with AUS$ 8000!  Damn brexit, rates cuts and quantitative easing is not making it any cheaper so I need to get me application in PDQ.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes and continue to update the various pages with tips and helpful information that will hopefully help you secure your own 190 visa to Australia through the nominated skilled migration programme.