Sponsorship requested acknowledged

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So that’s another tick on the to-do list. Application for State sponsorship has been lodged with the Victorian government and it’s been acknowledged that they have it and they are now “reviewing my application”. I have a separate webpage dedicated to the actual application process so I won’t go into too much detail on the mechanics of it here, but rather just give some thoughts on the process. First of all, boy am I glad I never retained a migration agent at this stage of the application process! I met with several agents at an immigration fair earlier in the year and explained to them that I had already submitted my Skills Assessment and was potentially looking to retain an agent to help me through the State Sponsorship and EOI stage. They provided me with a quotation for this and I was looking at having to pay £250 for the pleasure of engaging them to represent me, and then £700 to prepare and submit an EOI and State Sponsorship form. The State Sponsorship for was an online application form you complete and submit directly to thegvernment, although you can also complete your EOI with DIBD and nominate a State in that form and then the relevant State is passed on your application. I went the former route as I could get my application off to Victoria far quicker if I was just applying to them, and it would give me more time to make sure I get my EOI right and don’t risk forfeiting the visa fees for an error. But back to the agent’s fees. £950 is extortionist for what is involved in the State Sponsorship! It was simply a matter of filling in personal details of myself and my dependents, what my qualifications are, what my language score was, how much money I am planning on bringing with me, and who do I know in Australia and where do they live. Upload supporting documents (they only wanted to see my VETASSESS assessment, IELTS certificate, and declaration that I will commit myself to Victoria for 2 years) and that’s it. Took me less than 30 min to do and I saved myself pretty much a quarter of what I will have to ultimately pay DIBD when it comes time to submit my visa application.

After submitting the sponsorship application form, the receipt informed me that I’d receive acknowledgement within 3 weeks, and a result within 12 weeks. Three weeks came and went without anything from them, so I emailed to find out if they received my application, and the next day I had the acknowledgement. It seems to be a trend that things only get done when you push, so my advice is that if a deadline has come and gone without hearing anything then be proactive and get in contact. As the adage goes – the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Don’t be overly push, but don’t be afraid to speak up. So back to the waiting game for me. Got potentially another 9 weeks until I find out if Victoria will sponsor my application or not. I’m not however going to sit idly around though – time to start studying the legislation and trawling the net and the forums for all the advice I can get in successfully navigating completing and submitting an Expression of Interest so that it goes through smoothly without a hitch. I’ll keep this blog updated as I go along and continue to develop the main webpages. So until next time.