Time…passes so slowly when you’re waiting for something

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Why is it that when you are waiting expectantly for something that time seems to stand still? That’s the situation I’m in right now. Still waiting for anything back from the good people in the Victorian government who are assessing my application for state sponsorship. Maybe I got my hopes up after my brother told me he got his sponsorship in 1 week. I think he has selective memory!

Its been 10 weeks now, 2 weeks until the official deadline it up. I tried to grease the wheels by communicating with them under the guise of informing them that I had now submitted my expression of interest but it seems to have had zero effect. I don’t think I’m the only one in this boat. I’ve been hanging out in different emigration forums to try find out where everyone else is who has applied for sponsorship and it seems that, for some reason, there was not much activity from the state in May and June. Maybe it was the ned of the emigration year and their quotas were up, maybe it was the new immigration reforms that were threatened. Maybe it is something entirely unrelated, but there seems to have been very few sponsorships given over the past few month, yet the queue for people seeking sponsorship is growing.

I guess the only update then is that I have now submitted my EOI. I was nervous doing this but it was pretty straight forward. The only part that gave me pause to think was how to deal with the year I was docked by Vetassess as they consider 1 year on-the-job experience being necessary to properly fulfil the role of R&D Manager. In the end I decided to put the role down twice, the first time for 12 months and then indicated that it should not be considered for points. Hopefully that is the correct approach – I can’t think of any other way of doing it.

Well, that’s all for now whilst I’m in this holding pattern of waiting for feedback from Victoria. If I haven’t heard from them before the end of July I will drop them another email to see what’s happening.